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CE Primary School

Class Blogs

Please see below general information about our classes. Please select specific classes for further details on class topics and class blogs.




Class 1 - Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

This is our vibrant and exciting Class 1 where the emphasis on learning is intially through play for our Reception children. Miss Lambert is the class teacher supported by Mrs Riley. The class has access to two outside learning spaces which are themed by the children. This may be a builders yard, vets, hairdressers the list is endless. The outside then follows inside with themed role play areas again led by the children and the topic they are learning that term. It is a busy working environment where creativity and imagination comes alive. The class is free flowing with lots of stimulation for busy learning and inquistive minds. 



Class 2 - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Class 2 is Mrs Cave's class. She has two fantastic and very knowledgeable teaching assistants, Mrs Kilborn and Miss Carmichael.  The funky colours and furniture make it a very modern learning space where curriculum zones flow into one another. Children are taught in a variety of ways including as separate Year groups, whole class and mixed age groupings. The older children enjoy sharing their knowledge with the younger ones.