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Stoke Bruerne

CE Primary School

Stoke Bruerne, Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

In our class we love to learn through play, both inside and outside the classroom.  Every day the children are asked to explore new things and try their best.  They are always actively engaged in their learning, a large majority of it through play, alongside focused activities. 

This term our topic is 'Adventurers and Explorers'.  Through the term the children's classroom will develop to help engage them in the topic, using their role play area as a space centre, boat and campsite!  The children will be writing their own fantastic journey stories and exploring instructions. They will be securing their early maths skills, with a particular focus on learning key number facts and applying these to problems. 

We're developing our scientific skills in plants and growing, continuing a theme from last year, and also developing our understanding of materials and their properties through fun, practical investigations. Our artwork will explore paint, collage, modelling and drawing .  We will use a range of construction materials and vehicles to help us build our co-ordination and gross motor skills, and to learn about the importance of team work. 

Our theme of generosity will guide our assemblies and class ethos. We will take time to consider what it means to be generous and give thanks for those who've been generous to us through simple prayers and reflections.  

Please find attached our topic letter for this term which will tell you a little bit more about what we'll be doing.

Mrs Judd and Mrs Smith. 

NB The Islam federation day will be on 5th October not the 10th as originally stated in our newsletter. Apologies for the error.